Freelancing of a Home-based Mom

My 3 and 6 years old children makes me busy for the entire day and soon, I will have a few hours break once my youngest child starts school.

Freelancing has been very visible in my social media notifications and I am getting more aware of it as I research about what kind of jobs can a 40+ Mom with limited window hours before household and family time takes over.

I am very active in reading posts of different online Freelancing groups and Home-based/work at home jobs. This is making me excited as I get to start a new career without applying for work in a corporate industry, without physically preparing to go out and start job hunting and submitting myself for an  interview, and without getting stressed with the time and travel.

My first few blogs will be all about my adventure in looking for online jobs and freelancing. This may include setbacks and disappointments and with luck, success in landing my first project. It will be a long way, nevertheless, it will be challenging to discover the online world with the fast changing, developing and information technology jobs that I need to grasp and learn to update my skills.

Today is the start to learn this website skill, and in the next days, my will to learn more on content management, search engine optimization, social media management and other highly technical words which I still need to research on.

I hope this will help other readers (who happens to drop by and read) who are newbies and very much interested to join me in this journey of work at home jobs or simply called Freelancing.



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