Freelance Application

Days have been full with children in the house, but it did not deter me to be online and try my luck of looking for an online job. It is a good day actually, having 3 responses from the application I did. All for interview and examinations. This is no different from the physical application, however, it is more convenient for me since there is no need to physically prepare (get dress), and prepare to battle the heat and traffic to go to the place for interview. In the convenience of my airconed room and closed door, I can do other things as well while responding to those applications.

I have already responded to one and declined the offer of interview as I feel that the workload is too much. I actually felt overwhelmed just by reading the job requirements. The other two applications, I need to pass their exams before getting interviewed.

The good thing about these applications, interviews are done usually via skype. The feeling is the same where one feels nervous and feels a little bit rattled as to what questions will be asked. The client doing an interview may not be local, but of a different nationality.

If nothing comes out of it from these applications, the value of patience is a must. As the saying goes, “try and try until you succeed”.





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