Weekend Research

To cap off the weekend, I did online researching and joined groups including watching/listening to webinars to add more to learning and upgrading my skills.

Most importantly, to realize the full potential of my skill set and the confidence that goes along with it that sooner or later, I will be updated to the current trends of the Social Media Marketing and Management.

I just realized that whatever I have learned in my academic years in College, is just a background to what I am in for in the world of Freelancing. This is way too different in the corporate world. Resume is just basic compared to making profiles in applying for work. If there is no value and the confidence that goes with it, no client will notice you. Profiles being made in different platforms to find freelancing work is difficult. It must include your skills, unique experiences that can be shared as examples and most important is what can the client get in hiring you. What can you contribute that will make the client value you as their employee.

Freelancing is a combination of hard work and studying new sets of skills and learning applicable to the current job offered in the market.


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