Sample of my Content Writing

As I study and upgrade my skills in preparation for my freelancing adventure, I decided to do a sample content writing. This was from the job posting where one client is looking for a content writer in relation to health and offers a full time job if the client will be satisfied with the application and interview. I would like to apply but … and there is always a but… I will do it some other time.

Well, here goes my sample content writing…


I never imagined that a close friend of mine will have that feeling of despair due to a situation. She lost her father at a young age and long before that, she was having the feeling of nervousness and difficulty of focusing on her studies.

There was even the time that she dreaded riding the bus going to her school without any reason. There was even a sudden attack of fear when there is no threat. A non-stop crying any time of the day.

She was not diagnosed but based on the random stories that I am hearing about her, I feel that she has Anxiety disorder. What is Anxiety Disorder? Who usually experience this disorder?

Let me discuss what is anxiety disorder. This is a mental illness which can affect anybody. May it be men or women. This disorder happens when you feel bothered and it interferes with your daily activities. In the case of the subject person. She cries non-stop and cannot overcome the feeling of overwhelming fear and nervousness. There are many types of this mental disorder. It includes GAD (General anxiety disorder), Panic Disorder, Social Phobia, Specific Phobia, OCD (Obsessive-compulsive disorder), and PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder.

General Anxiety Disorder is a disorder which affects the person on a daily basis. It may be of any reason such as personal issues, finances, or relationship in the family or work. Usually, there is no reason to worry but the person having this disorder cannot remove the feeling of worry and usually leads to depression. Most common for those who have this disorder have a family history with the same symptoms.

Social Phobia is when a person feels self-conscious and anxious on their daily activities. One example of this is when a person knows that he will be in a room full of people and he needs to socialize, he feels a sudden panic attack and will feel that he needs to get out of that situation.

Specific Phobia is a disorder which makes the person feel unsafe and worries himself to death without any reason at all. This disorder will include phobias such as fear of injection, heights, spiders, a small and closed room, and other specific issues. It brings a sudden attack of panic when faced in that situation.

OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) This is a disorder which shows the repetitive patterns that a person does to feel safe and in control. Example of this is when a person opens the door, he has to turn the key 3x and turn the knob 3x and upon closing the door repeats the action of turning the knob 3x and putting in and out the keychain.

PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder) This is a disorder which only shows after a traumatic experience. Example of this is when a person was harmed due to a holdup and after the incident, the person does not want to be hugged nor want to be near any male person. When accidentally, someone hugs that person, a feeling of anxiety or even a total breakdown would be experienced by the person and might not stop crying.

These types of anxiety disorders can be treated with either counseling or a prescription of medicine or a combination of both. It may also include the changes in lifestyle and food regime. Strategies of coping up and therapy of how to relax will be part of the activities of the person suffering from this disorder.


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